Myth: Carbohydrates are fattening

Carbohydrates alone do not cause weight gain – they have the same energy value as protein and only half as much as fat. It’s the total amount of energy (kilojoules or calories) you eat that counts.

Myth: Avoid all carbohydrate foods at night

There is no solid evidence to back up an evening ban on carbohydrate foods including bread, pasta and rice.1 In fact a recent study suggests that eating carbohydrates at dinner might have an advantage for weight loss.2 In another study eating breakfast cereal instead of evening snacks helped with weight loss.3

Myth: Higher protein weight loss diets, mean avoiding all carbohydrate foods

Research shows that higher protein weight loss diets have short term advantages for weight loss. However, effective higher protein diets still contain moderate amounts of carbohydrate foods including grain foods.4

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