Below is a statistical snapshot of breakfast cereals in Australia.

  • Australians are the fourth highest consumers of breakfast cereals in the world (behind the UK, Ireland and New Zealand), buying nearly 120 million kg of breakfast cereal products a year – or 5.1kg a person.
  • The Australian breakfast cereal industry is worth $1.1b per annumand actively supports our economy by employing thousands of Australians and exporting to more than 17 countries.
  • Breakfast cereals are a popular way to start the day. The Australian Health Survey data showed 41% of adults and nearly half of all children ate cereal for breakfast.3
  • Among those cereal eaters, most (62%) ate breakfast cereals that contained less than 15g of total sugars per 100g, including sugars from fruit in the cereal. 3
  • Breakfast cereal eaters are spoilt for choice with more than 468 breakfast cereals readily available on supermarket shelves.4
  • Half of Australian breakfast cereals carry the Health Star Rating and of those 84% were rated 4-5 stars. 4
  • Australian’s love to share their breakfast with a million posting images of their brekkie bowl to social media every day.5
  • The nation is divided on whether to keep it simple or add topping to breakfast cereal. Fifty nine per cent of Australians love their cereal plain with milk, while 41 per cent of Australian breakfast cereal eaters like a bowl of cereal with added extras.5
  • Our favourite breakfast cereal toppings are fruit and nuts with the more adventurous adding vegetables, herbs and spices, and added spreads like peanut butter. 5
  • Some times our eating habits can be a little eccentric. A million Australian eat breakfast cereal straight from the box, 1.1 million have special cereal spoon they always use while 300,000 eat cereal with a fork. 5
  • When it comes to breakfast, cereal fans are looking for combinations that help them stay fuller for longer (39%), improve regularity and gut health (38%) and boost nutrition (36%).5



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