Cereal4Brekkie provides practical, evidence-based information about Australian breakfast cereals to help Australians make an informed choice in the morning. Cereal4Brekkie aims to share the latest research on both the value of eating breakfast each day and the benefits of breakfast cereal; from health, to convenience, value and, of course, taste!


Cereal4Brekkie is run by the Australian Breakfast Cereal Manufacturers Forum (ABCMF), a forum of local manufacturers established to support the Australian breakfast cereal category. ABCMF is committed to providing the most up-to-date information for both the Australian public and professionals, as well as correcting misinformation about Australian breakfast cereals.

ABCMF’s member companies:

  • produce almost 80% of the breakfast cereal purchased in Australia1
  • are committed to working together to provide evidence-based, practical information, and to correct misinformation about breakfast cereals
  • support Australian farmers by relying on Australian grown grains (99.6 per cent Australian grains in 2015)
  • make breakfast cereal locally, supporting thousands of jobs for Australians
    in manufacturing, agriculture, grain milling, packaging,
    transport and logistics, marketing, and research and development
  • export products to over 16 countries to the value of millions of dollars each year.

The ABCMF is a member forum of the Australian Food and Grocery Council.

Our members are:



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