A national survey has revealed four distinct breakfast cereal personality types – ‘Cerealistas’, ‘Cereal Changers’, ‘Breakfeasters’ and ‘Brekkie Budgeteers’ – based on Australian adult behaviours around purchasing and eating breakfast cereals[1]. The survey conducted for the Australian Breakfast Cereal Manufacturers Forum (ABCMF) by McCrindle Research found that habits are based on emotional choice and rationalised spending and reflect our lifestyle, education and changing demographics. Australians buy nearly 185 million kilos of breakfast cereal products a year and many are loyal to their preferred breakfast cereal, with 3 in 5 usually eating the same type of breakfast cereal.



Meet the fashionistas of breakfast cereals. ‘Cerealistas’ aren’t afraid to spend money on buying the best for breakfast, but they are also fickle and change their breakfast cereal like they change their clothes. This group is a mix of men and women and they are more likely to come from NSW and VIC, being less traditional in their breakfast cereal choices.




Cereal_ChangerThis category is mainly made up of women who are good at eating breakfast, and more likely to eat breakfast at home. They don’t value breakfast cereal as highly as other demographics, but do see it as a great snack during the day. ‘Cereal Changers’ are the main household shopper and their taste also tends to be fickle, with the decision of what to buy being made at the supermarket.



This breakfast cereal eater is the traditionalist of the cohort, being loyal to their chosen breakfast cereal and willing to spend slightly more for their preferred option. Unsurprisingly, ‘Breakfeasters’ are usually men and are very traditional about breakfast cereal being eaten solely in the morning. They finish a box of breakfast cereal before purchasing another, don’t like mixing and matching and are sure to close the box properly on completion of breakfast.



This group plays it safe because they are both budget conscious and aware of family needs. Like an accountant, they act on rational thinking and like breakfast cereal because it is a good value, nutritious option. ‘Brekkie Budgeteers’ are the group most likely to eat breakfast cereal most days of the week, more likely to be women and they are conscientious about finishing one box of breakfast cereal before purchasing another. “After reviewing the results of breakfast cereal social trends, it was surprising that four very distinct and relatable personalities emerged – we all have a ‘cereal changer’, ‘breakfeaster’, ‘brekkie budgeteer’ or ‘cerealista’ in our family!” says Leigh Reeve, Director of ABCMF. “Health experts and nutritionists have long recommended the importance of breakfast as a healthy lifestyle choice, and breakfast cereals make it so easy to get the benefits of eating breakfast. Breakfast cereals are good value, nutritious, quick and convenient and there is a breakfast cereal to suit everyone’s individual taste preferences and health and nutrition needs,’ added Leigh.

For more information: Leigh Reeve, Director ABCMF, lreeve@afgc.org.au

Cereal Social Trends Report for ABCMF, McCrindle Research 2012. This report looked at the behaviours of a nationally representative sample of 502 Australian adults.

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