28 January 2015: New research has revealed the impact of the morning school rush on the diets of Australian mums with a third regularly skipping breakfast as they get their children ready for school. The new Galaxy research shows 58% of mums admit to preparing breakfast for their kids but not themselves and for one in three it is a regular habit.1 The research commissioned by the Australian Breakfast Cereal Manufacturers Forum also found among parents that skip breakfast:

  • 90% of mums still make breakfast for their children.
  • 61% of parents of primary school aged children blame lack of time for skipping breakfast. That number drops to 43% for parents of teenagers.
  • 69% of parents who skip breakfast just grab a coffee instead.

Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) and Director of the Australian Breakfast Cereal Manufacturers Forum Ms Leigh Reeve said the start of the school year was the ideal time to create positive new breakfast habits. “The morning rush may be chaotic, but it’s important for parents to take five minutes to look after themselves,” said Ms Reeve. “Managing the day without breakfast can leave you moody, lethargic, battling to think straight and generally makes it tougher to manage tantrums and keep the family on track. “A coffee may give you an instant pick up but, compared to a bowl of cereal, you miss out on important fibre, vitamins and minerals, and are more likely to overeat during the course of the morning. “It takes just five minutes to grab a bowl of cereal. It’s an important investment in your wellbeing and it sets a great example – that’s important given the latest Census@School data shows one in seven Aussie kids skip breakfast.”

Here are a few tips to make breakfast an easier option:

  • Firstly, commit to having breakfast daily.
  • Free up just five minutes for breakfast – reshuffle your morning priorities, even do a few household chores the night before such as ironing uniforms or packing lunches.
  • Set out bowls and breakfast cereal the night before to make it easy for the family to help themselves in the morning.
  • For busy families that need breakfast on-the-go, add some high fibre or wholegrain breakfast cereal to a fruit smoothie mix or have a liquid breakfast product handy.


1.    ABCMF Study, 2013, Galaxy Research. A representative sample of 1001 Australians aged 18-64 years. Conducted 2013.

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