Research shows a good-quality breakfast can help improve school grades.1-6 It also helps kids to beat the ‘fuzzies’, or poor concentration, that can set in with the mid-morning hunger pangs.

So how can you manage the chaos of the school morning rush, but still ensure kids get a brekkie packed with goodness?

The good news is a quick and easy brekkie option, like a bowl of cereal and a piece of fruit can do the trick.

A recent analysis of showed children that started their day with breakfast cereal had the highest intakes of dietary fibre and nutrients including calcium and iron – key nutrients where Australian children are falling short.2 It also found the nutritional benefits were consistent, regardless of the total sugars content of the breakfast cereal eaten.2

Check out these fun brekkie ideas for busy school mornings that your kids can even help with. If you are really rushed a liquid breakfast product and fruit will work too.

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