Below is a statistical snapshot of breakfast cereals in Australia.Brekkie Stats

  • Australians are the third highest consumers of breakfast cereals in the world (behind the UK and Ireland),1 buying nearly 185 million kg of breakfast cereal products a year – or 8kg a person.2
  • The Australian breakfast cereal industry is worth $1.2b per annum2 and actively supports our economy by employing thousands of Australians and exporting to over 20 countries.
  • Only a quarter of Australian adults eat breakfast cereal every day.3
  • Women are more likely to eat breakfast every morning than men – with 68% of women saying they eat breakfast each day compared to 55% of men.3
  • Only about half of Australian adults eat breakfast cereal most mornings or every morning; the other half eat breakfast cereal at least two to three times a week or less, not enough to reap the benefits.3
  • There is a growing trend among working Australian adults to eat breakfast ‘on the go’ or at their desk – 20% do it regularly and, for fulltime workers, that number jumps to nearly 40%.3
  • We are a nation of stockpilers with over a quarter (27%) never or only occasionally finishing a box of cereal before purchasing another.3
  • Nearly a third of Australians will eat breakfast cereal as a snack at any time of the day!3
  • Aussies are loyal when it comes to their favourite breakfast cereal – 63% of breakfast cereal eaters usually eating the same type of cereal.3



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